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OneStop BC Business Register

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"Doing business in BC"

Starting, Expanding, or Moving a Business?

Welcome to the OneStop Business Registry where you can do the most commonly required business registrations and transactions.

  1. Find information on starting your business

    Information on starting a new business.

  2. Choose your business name and get it approved

    This is the first step in registering your business.

  3. Ready to register your business:

    • Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership
    • Canada Revenue Agency

      • GST/HST
      • Payroll deductions
      • Import/export accounts
    • Provincial Sales Tax (PST) for new businesses only
    • WorkSafeBC - the Workers' Compensation Board of B.C.
    • Local Government Business Licences.
  4. Incorporate your company

    Incorporate your company and file other Business Corporations Act forms over the Internet.

  5. Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB)

    • Renew your liquor licence
    • Submit event notifications
      • Catered events
      • Temporary Use Area events
      • Market events
      • All ages liquor-free events
  6. Change your business address

    Automatically notify many participating public agencies of your business address change.

  7. Find more business information

    Go here for specialized advice on growing your business.


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